The following are the important Disclaimers that the Knowledge Wiki would like to inform you of. Please note that any thing listed here may be modified, erased, or added to at any time.

We Cannot Guarantee Our Articles are Reliable

For every page of Knowledge Wiki, everyone and anyone from anywhere can edit it, and because of that we cannot Guarantee anything on this website is truthful and/or reliable. Yes, we do strive to ensure our information is fully valid, but we cannot check every single bit of everything. Also, please know that anything may change at any time.

We are NOT Wikipedia

In the case of similarities between the Knowledge Wiki and Wikipedia, we are not a part of Wikipedia whatsoever, nor are we a copy of Wikipedia. We do not copy any information found on Wikipedia, although some pages/information may be found similar, and with the exception of some images. Any information copied from Wikipedia, or does not seem to be an original article from this Wiki is removed as soon as it is found and/or completely rewritten. We do not want to be Wikipedia, and we strive to be original in our own ways. There is currently no way we can possibly even dream of someday competing with Wikipedia, as their database is quite massive compared to ours. The Knowledge Wiki is simply a Wiki-based encyclopedia alternative that anyone can modify in any way.

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